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P - section index

P letter of the Philatelic Dictionary

P; Countries Beginning with

PA equipment from HiFi Tower UK

Pack your suitcases - it's holiday time!

Package deals from Cosmos

Package holidays by Airtours

Packs by Bear Grylls

Packs by Craghoppers

Page and Moy

Page Rank My Girlfriend

Pain where you daren't show mum!

Paint at Homebase

Paints at B&Q

Paints by Wilkinson Hardware

Pakefield Pontin's

Pals; Stamp

Panamanian dwarf alligators



Panties from Knickerbox

Pants and more pants

Pants at Figleaves

Pants at Under U

Pants for men at Kiniki

Paperbacks at BFC Direct

Parent and Child

Parent and Child Car Insurance by Tradex

Park family holidays at Haven

Park holidays by Park Resorts

Park Resorts

Parks; Hoburne Holiday

Parlay Entertainment Inc

Partnership; John Lewis

Parts for cars at Performance Products

Parts; Car

Parts; Custom

Party Eyes

Partywear at Vertbaudet

Past history search with RAC Car Data Check

Past Times

Pay & Go from O2

Pay a visit to your charity shop

Pay As You Drive Insurance from Norwich Union Direct

Pay As You Go Car Insurance

Pay for tuition with AA Driving School

Pay off your cards with a Debtbuster Loan

Pay one lump sum with Virgin

PC accessories at Maplin

PC Components

PC Shops

PC World

PCs at Apple Store GB

PCs at PC World


Peace of mind insurance


Pediconfort by DAXON

Peg; Dave's

People are better than Banks

People; The Book

Performance Products

Perfume at Harrods

Perfume by AVON

Perfume from Sendit

Perfumes from Fragrance Direct

Perfumes from The Body Shop

Peripherals at PC World

Peripherals from Lootsale

Peripherals from Micro Direct

Perkins; Dorothy

Personal Accident Insurance with Decision Finance

Personal credit from Provident

Personal European Membership by the AA

Personal Loan by Liverpool Victoria

Personal Loans

Personal Loans by Decision Finance

Personal loans by Shakespeare loans

Personal Loans from Promise Finance

Personal loans Unsecured at Norwich Union

Personal Membership by the AA

Personal Unsecured Loans by Alliance and Leicester

Personal Vapour

Personalised gifts from Forever Bespoke

Personals; YAHOO


Pet Care from JML Direct

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance by Argos

Pet Insurance by Churchill

Pet insurance by Homebase

Pet insurance by Marks and Spencer

Pet insurance by Pet Plan

Pet insurance by the AA

Pet insurance by the Halifax

Pet Insurance from Aviva

Pet insurance from Debenhams

Pet Insurance from Direct Line

Pet Insurance from Liverpool Victoria

Pet Insurance from More Than

Pet Insurance from Tesco

Pet insurance from the RSPCA

Pet insurance from Virgin

Pet Insurance with Asda

Pet Plan

Peter Hahn

Peter Storm at Millets

Petite clothing at Fun Mum

Petite ladieswear at M&Co

Petite Range from Dorothy Perkins


.pf websites

Phase three of Stamp Demon

Philatelic Auctions at

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with A

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with B

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with C

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with D

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with E

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with F

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with G

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with H

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with I

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with K

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with L

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with M

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with N

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with O

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with P

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with R

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with S

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with T

Philatelic Clubs Beginning with U

Philatelic Dictionary

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter A

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter B

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter C

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter D

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter E

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter F

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter G

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter H

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter I

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter J

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter K

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter L

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter M

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter N

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter O

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter P

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter Q

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter R

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter S

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter T

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter U

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter V

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter W

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter X

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter Y

Philatelic Dictionary - Letter Z

Philatelic Dictionary Contributed

Philatelic Links

Philatelic Phriends

Philatelic Publications

Philatelic Societies

Philately Clubs

Phone calls from Virgin Media

Phone company Vodafone

Phone gadgets at RED5

Phone insurance by Insurance 2 Go

Phone insurance by Loyal Insurance

Phone numbers of Google

Phone provider switch with uSwitch

Phones 4U

Phones at Dial-a-Phone

Phones from Miller Brothers

Phones from Phones 4U

Phones from T-Mobile

Photo development at ASDA

Photographic equipment

Physio plan at AXA PPP healthcare

Pick A Book

Pick a break from SAGA

Pick a category at Stamp Demon

Pick a family holiday online

Pick a mobile

Pick outdoor footwear from Millet Sports

Pick some Start-rite Shoes

Pick up a pair of pumps

Pick up A Quarter Of...

Pick up the phone and call Frontier Finance

Pick up toys at Kays

Pick yourself up and try again

Picnic Shop

picoNet technology by Toshiba

Picture It!

Picture Loans

Piercing tools at Body Jewellery Shop


Pilates Classes with Barbara Jackson

Pine furniture from Furniture 123

Pine; Wimbledon

PING at JJB Golf

Pipex's 123-reg

Pitstop; Designer

Place a bet at Betfair

Place a bet with Totesport

Place your bets Higher or Lower

Place your bets!

Place your child's money with Family Investments

Plan for CashBack from AxA PPP

Planning for Christmas presents

Plants to purchase

Plasma TVs from Digital Direct

Plasma tvs from Sound and Vision


Plastic advantage from the co-op

Plastic Black from Natwest

Plastic Black from RBS

Plastic by Egg

Plastic Classic from Natwest

Plastic Classic from RBS

Plastic clearly from the co-op

Plastic for thinkers from the Co-op

Plastic for your Business by Decision Finance

Plastic from Halifax

Plastic from HSBC Bank

Plastic from Natwest

Plastic from Virgin

Plastic from Virgin Atlantic

Plastic Gold from RBS

Plastic Platinum from RBS

Plastic Student from Natwest

Plastic Student from RBS

Platinum at Goldsmiths

Platinum Card by RSPCA

Platinum Credit Card by Hilton

Platinum Credit Card from Barclaycard

Platinum Credit Card from RBS

Platinum jewellery at Ernest Jones

Platinum jewellery at H samuel

Platinum Jewellery by Ampalian

Platinum on sale

Platinum pet cover from Argos

Platinum Plus Credit Card from MBNA

Platinum Rewards Credit Card from MBNA

Play Bingo at Bingo Liner

Play bingo at King Jackpot

Play Bingo for websites

Play Bingo with Gala

Play Bingo with Mecca Bingo

Play games with Mecca Games

Play poker at Totesport

Playful holidays with Legoland

Playhouses at Great Little Trading Company

Playtex on sale at Contessa

plc; RAC

Please; Tights

Plumbing Supplies at B&Q

Plus size at WearAll

Plus size fashion at Evans

Plus sizes at High and Mighty

Plus; Fifty

Plus; First

Plus; HSBC Bank Account

PlusSaver Account with the Premier Account from Alliance and Leicester


Pocket money toys at Hawkin's Bazaar

Pocket some cash at Music Magpie

Pods from TackleShop

Points in exchange for Hotel Nights

Poker from Coral

Poker Page

Poker; Virgin

Pole paradise Whisby Garden Centre

Policies for Life by UK Life Direct

Policies for over 50s from Saga Car Insurance

Policies for ski insurance at Travel Insurance Web

Policies for travel at Travel Insurance Web

Policy for family vehicles by Tradex

Policy for Health Cover

Policy for Life Cover

Policy for life cover from British Gas

Political Ginger


Pool equipment from Swim Shop

Pop online to Mothercare

Poppy from Carr and Westley

Popstars of Ginger

Porcelain tiles at Tile Giant

Porcelain tiles at Tile Magic

Porsche parts at Performance Products

Portland Holidays Direct

Portugese holidays from Key Camp Holidays

Post Office

Posters at

Power to the Gingers

Prada at Brown Bag Clothing

Prada trainers from Trainer Station

Pre-pay phones at easyMobile

Pre-walkers by Start-rite Shoes

Precious metal Credit Card from Co op

Preferential terms on Loans at A S Loans

Premier Direct Current from Alliance and Leicester

Premier ISA with the Premier Account from Alliance and Leicester

Premier Man

Premier Man Review

Premiership kits from Kitbag

Premium Class flights with Eos

Premium clothing at Online Golf

Premium e-Cig brand ROK

Premiums for life from UK Life Direct

Premiunm e-Cig brand Lucky 8s

Prepaid card the Bread Card

Prepaid Mastercard from Virgin

Prescription glasses at Glasses Direct

Presents at Find Me A Gift

Presents For Men

Preserves at Twinings Teashop

Prestatyn Sands Pontin's

Pretty lingerie from Bravissimo

Prezzy Box

Price comparison of broadband suppliers at uSwitch

Price comparison of Electricity suppliers at uSwitch

Price comparison of Gas suppliers at uSwitch

Price comparison of telephone providers at uSwitch

Price promise from Wilko

Price promise online with Going Places

Prices for new cars at YAHOO Autos

Printer Inks

Printers at Jessops

Printers for cameras

Printers from PC World

Privacy Policy

Private cover for Pets

Private health care from HSA Cash Plan

Private Health Cover by Norwich Union

Private healthcare from HSA

Private Medical Plan from AXA PPP

Privilege Car Insurance

Privilege Home Insurance

Prize-winning novels at R Books

Products and Services for business

Products for health

Products for music

Products for sale at Gubunco

Products for sale at Remote-P

Products for sport at Littlewoods

Products for sports at Additions Direct

Products offered by Tesco Finance

Products; Performance

Professional Debt Help

Professional Fitting Service by Edworthys

Professional indemnity insurance from More Than

Professional people insurance by Endsleigh

Professional Travel Insurance Company Limited

Profile of Alliance and leicester

Profile of Barclaycard

Profile of Endsleigh

Profile of Regency Mortgage Corporation

Promise Finance Mortgages

Promise Finance Secured Loans

Promote Stamps

Property Insurance

Property insurance at Castle Cover

Property insurance at esure

Property insurance by Aviva

Property Insurance by British Gas

Property insurance by Endsleigh

Property insurance by Kwik-Fit

Property insurance by Liverpool Victoria

Property Insurance by More Than

Property insurance by Natwest

Property insurance by Norwich Union Direct

Property insurance by Saga

Property insurance by Tesco

Property insurance by the AA

Property insurance by the Halifax

Property insurance from Asda

Property insurance from Debenhams Home Insurance

Property Insurance from Direct Line

Property insurance from Equity

Property insurance from HSBC Bank

Property insurance from Legal & General

Property insurance from Lloyds TSB

Property insurance from Privilege

Property insurance from Sainsbury's

Property insurance from the Co-op

Property insurance from Virgin

Property insurance quotes by Go Compare

Protect your car for breakdowns at Green Flag

Protect your family's health

Protect your life with Direct Line

Protected Trust Deed from Debt Logic

Protege by Toshiba

Provident Personal Credit

Provider of insurance Direct Line

Providers of finance Supa loans

PRU Home Insurance

Prudential Car Insurance

Prudential Home Insurance


Public Desire

Public liability insurance by Decision Finance

Public Liability Insurance from More Than

Public liability insurance from Tradex

Publications; Philatelic

Pull Tabs at 123 Bingo

Pumps from Trainer Station

Punters visit Betfred

Purchase a domain from 123-reg

Purchase Card from Barclaycard

Purchase designer style at Label Spree

Purchase homeware from Choice

Purchase household appliances at Great Universal

Purchase landlord insurance from Decision Finance

Purchase Shakespeare and never look back

Purchase shoes at Shoe Mall

Purchase sofas at Nabru

Purchase van insurance from Decision Finance

Purple suited fox bingo

Pushchairs at Direct2Mum

Pushchairs at Mothercare

Pushchairs from Kiddicare

Pushchairs from Toys R Us

Put all your money in one place with The One Account Mortgage

Put money away with Liverpool Victoria

Put money away with the cahoot savings account

Put something away for a rainy day

Put things behind you!

Put your debt worries behind you

Putters from Scottsdale Golf

Section List ends.

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