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Pilates Classes with Barbara Jackson

It's great to find a form of exercise which is safe for all ages and sexes. That is what you get at Pilates Classes with Barbara Jackson. Barbara works from Lifestyle Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. She is a Stott Qualified instructor and also holds the IFAA Certificate. For more information and contact details, please read the text below.

Pilates Classes with Barbara Jackson:

"Stott Qualified instructor.

Intelligent Fitness Advanced Anatomy Certificate.

Pilates is a non-aerobic form of exercise for the mind and body, which helps promote tone, flexibility and a feeling of well being. Pilates works on the core stabilizing muscles and creates body awareness that helps correct posture misalignment and its associated discomfort.

Small equipment used in some classes includes Stability ball, Resistance bands and Fitness circles, stretches are also included to unlock those problem areas!

Completely safe for all ages and sexes.

Prenatal and Antenatal classes available.

Small class sizes maximum of eight.

Daytime and Evening class times available.

Price List:

- One hour class 7.50

- Half hour private tuition 17.50

- One hour private tuition 30.00

Payment is required for non-attendance due to small class size."

Classes held at:

Lifestyle Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, 42 Westgate, SLEAFORD, NG34 7PN

Contact details: Telephone - 07743 817 232