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Tradex Motor Trade Insurance

Tradex Motor Trade Insurance

Welcome to the Tradex Motor Trade Insurance page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

Tradex Motor Trade Insurance:

"The Tradex 'Motor Trade Insurance Policy' is probably the best policy in the UK for Motor Trade Services.

The policy is suitable for sole traders & firms operating in the motor trade either on a full or part time basis, who require cover for their own and customerís vehicles, whilst being driven on the road, or parked at their home address or their trade premises. It allows the eligible drivers to drive any motor vehicle for the purposes of their motor trade business. Permanently owned vehicles may be driven for social domestic and pleasure purposes. Tradex Motor Trade Insurance

Key Features:

- Suitable for sole traders and firms

- Full or part-time operatives

- Widest cover for MID declared vehicles (vehicles covered for 24 hours irrespective of where parked, on retail value + windscreen cover)

- Annual indemnity limit - 5 times the inner road risk limit. e.g. £15,000 road risk any one vehicle limit + £75,000 annual policy limit)

- Home address stock cover included in the road risk premium

- Public liability, Products and Defective Workmanship cover included on certain occupations (terms apply).

Simply select your trade, then follow the simple 4 step process to obtain your quote, and buy on line.

Products available:

Accessory Fitter; Crash and Body Repairer; Mechanical Repairer; Exhaust and Tyre Fitter;Engineer - Agricultural Plant; Engineer - Construction Plant; Motor Cycle Repairer/Tester; Valeter; LPG Convertor; Windscreen Fitter; Breakdown & Recovery; Breakers; Car Transporter; Long Stay Parker; Parking Jockey; Reposession agent; Trade Plater; Vehicle Assessors; Vehicle Delivery and Kit Car Assembler."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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