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MBNA Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Welcome to the MBNA Platinum Rewards Credit Card page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

MBNA Platinum Rewards Credit Card:

"Welcome to the MBNA Platinum Rewards Credit Card where you get great rates and rewards! Not only do you get 0% on balance transfers (2.9% handling fee applies) until your statement date in September 2009, 0% p.a. on card purchases until your statement date in November 2008 from the date your account is opened, and 15.9% APR Typical rate (variable), but you can earn 1 point for every pound you spend on card purchases to redeem for flights, vouchers, holidays and much much more! Great Rates or Rewards? Why Choose? Have both with MBNA.

Unlike some other lenders, we guarantee that if your application is successful the rate you apply for is the rate you?ll get - no exceptions! There is no annual fee to pay and no liability or excess to pay for theft, loss or fraudulent Internet use - as long as you tell us as soon as your card cannot be found or you notice any unusual transactions on your account. On top of that, there is a free 24-hour worldwide telephone helpline and online banking service that provide control and flexibility in managing your account.

Great Rates or Rewards? We say why choose? Have both with the MBNA Platinum Rewards Credit Card. Click here for further details."

If you would like more information or a quote, click on the link below: