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Welcome to the Endsleigh Insurance feature at STAMP DEMON. Below is a brief description of Endsleigh Insurance and the products and services they provide. Have a read about the company and then take a look at their services, via the links we have provided at the bottom of the page.Endsleigh Insurance

"Endsleigh is an independent intermediary specialising in the provision of insurance and financial products for career people. It is a lifelong relationship that we seek with our clients and as such we offer a full and appropriate product range that starts with students and continues through to retirement and beyond. Our existing policyholders are, therefore, predominantly career people and our aim is to provide for their every need.

We are well known for offering products and services through affinity partnerships and our experience has been gained through a number of very long-standing relationships that span a period of over 35 years. Few other companies are structured and run with such a heavy emphasis on servicing designated market groups.

We have over 1000 employees across the UK supporting our different, fully integrated, distribution channels.

Busy professionals require a competent and speedy service. Therefore, our highly trained staff are empowered to make decisions with the absolute minimum of bureaucracy and referral. Indeed, we are the first insurance service in the UK to gain accreditation from the Chartered Insurance Institute for our sales staff.

We aim to exceed our clients' expectations for price, cover and service."

Please click on the links below to find out more about the products Endsleigh provide. After that, click on the links on each page to get a quote:

General Motor Insurance

Career People Motor Insurance

Student Motor Insurance

Home Insurance

Renter Insurance

Travel Insurance

Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Backpacker Insurance

Extreme Activity Insurance

Winter Sports Insurance

Globetrotter Insurance