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uSwitch Gas and Electricity Switch

Welcome to the uSwitch Gas and Electricity Switch page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

uSwitch Gas and Electricity Switch:

" are the UK's largest independent online price comparison calculator for gas, electricity, and home telephone. Users provide details of their current suppliers & shows them how much they could save and encourages them to switch suppliers online. Customer can save an average of £283 per year, by switching both energy and telephone providers.

On average 167,000 UK households switch their energy supplier every week, while with an average saving of £140GBP. While 250,000 UK households switch telephony supplier every month, making averages savings on of £143 per month.

We are the only site to have both Ofcom & Energywatch accreditation.

10 great reasons to switch…

What’s stopping you from switching your energy supplier?

Here are 10 great reasons why you should switch with today:

1) If you’ve never switched from your incumbent energy suppliers (British Gas and your local electricity board) you could be paying 20% more than you would be by switching to your cheapest supplier.

2) Switching energy supplier does not cost you a penny, as’s website is free to use.

3) Switching energy supplier is as simple as changing the name on your bill. Your new supplier will use the same meters, wires and supply lines etc. as your previous supplier. They will also contact your old supplier to move your supply.

4) Switching is not just about saving money. uses an impartial service rating where each gas & electricity supplier is measured on their range of services, current and past complaints and their record with the watchdog (energywatch).

5) is independent and impartial. No gas or electricity supplier has a share in us and our results are ranked to show the best supplier for you – not us.

6) You get the whole picture. We include details of all suppliers available in your local area.

7) We’re accurate. We monitor all suppliers and ensure only the latest tariffs are shown.

8) If you care about the environment we can search for your local green electricity suppliers.

9) We keep saving you money each year. Your previous best deal may now be costing you money due to price rises. Carry out a regular MOT on your energy supplier and keep on top of price rises.

10) Switching with us is simple and can take just five minutes - all you need to do is follow these four steps:

- Give us your postcode so we can find your local suppliers.

- Tell us what you want from your gas & electricity supplier.

- We’ll show you all the suppliers for your area that are right for you.

- You choose your new gas & electricity supplier. We then just need a few details so we can take care of the switch for you - it’s that simple.

-Switch your energy supplier today.

Click Here - to find out how you can save an average of £283 by changing your gas, electricity and telephone suppliers. View your annual savings and find out who your cheapest supplier for gas, electricity, dual fuel or telephone is by using our comprehensive and impartial energy calculator. Then sign up online in only a few minutes.(Energywatch & Ofcom accredited)"

If you would like more information or a quote, click on the link below:

THE LINK WAS HERE TO GO TO THE USWITCH WEBSITE affiliate program is with OMG UK. The program has now finished. For alternatives, please visit our Finance page.