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My Fishing Tackle

If I had to advise someone as to which fishing tackle to buy, I would tell them to buy Shakespeare. They are my personal choice of fishing tackle, as my first new rod was a 10 foot fibreglass Wondermatch 1801 and I have never looked back!

If you read My fishing background you will know that I have had to tackle up once more. Naturally, I have chosen to buy Shakespeare. There are cheaper alternatives on the market, but I have always been impressed with the quality of their tackle and also it's value for money.

There are a variety of ranges to suit all pockets and for new anglers there are a great range of beginner kits. However, my personal choice is the Mach series. There are the Mach 1, 2 and 3 rods which come in a comprehensive range of sizes to suit most fishing situations. All three ranges are complemented with a reel for each level, the top of the range being the Mach 3 available in both front and rear drag.

Shakespeare also sell a huge range of accessories. Everything from Seat Boxes to bait needles. Infact, I am constantly amazed at the products they make! I recently purchased the Team seat box in blue, I always wanted it when in my teens and can honestly say it's money well spent. It has a huge capacity, there's even room for a bottle of scotch on a cold winter's day!

Therefore, to conclude, if you want to buy fishing tackle that is built to last, affordable and won't let you down, buy Shakespeare. If you're wondering how much they paid me for this article, the answer is nothing! You can't get a fairer recommendation than that!!


Special thanks to the following websites for helping me to go fishing once more - Lathams, Bennetts, Whitby Angling Supplies and franksleads.

UPDATE: I have discovered bargain reel by FAPS which has changed the way I feel about fishing tackle - Click here to find out more!