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Why Collect Stamps?

We at Stamp Demon are very keen to promote Philately!

Stamp collecting has been around for over 250 years and that is one of the reasons it must continue. If you hold a stamp in your hand (or with tweezers!) you are holding a little piece of history.

There are many reasons to collect stamps. We will try to highlight a few of these reasons, with our list or to put it another way here are ten reasons to collect stamps:

1) It is an inexpensive hobby - Typically selections can be bought for as little as a couple of pounds, compared to video games being in the tens of pounds.

2) The hobby can be enjoyed by all, regardless of ability or intellect - People collect stamps for many reasons from value to subject matter. Others collect purely for pleasure.

3) You can collect anything - There is a diverse range of items that can be collected. You may have more than one collection on the go at once!

4) Philately is not judgemental - People are interested in your collection, how it was started and what you plan to collect in the future. They do not judge you and if they do tell them about us.

5) Introverts and extroverts are welcome - If you are shy collect from home and enjoy your stamps in the privacy of your own home. If you are loud and outgoing go to auctions, stamp fairs and shops to bag yourself a bargain.

6) There is a lot of history on a stamp - You can find a wealth of information from stamp collecting. There is information on the monarchy, evidence of country name changes, currency changes, warfare and much more.

7) You can make a lot of friends - When you join a stamp club or society you can make a whole host of friends. If you don't mix well, buy your stamps online and make friends via email!

8) Stamps are a good investment - If you want to take the hobby of Philately seriously, then a good, solid, detailed collection can be worth serious money, often growing in value at a fantastic rate.

9) It doesn't annoy the neighbours - Unlike bouncing a basketball, excessive use of powertools, karaoke parties and midnight jamming sessions; collecting stamps does not annoy the neighbours (as far as we are aware!)

10) Philately reduces stress - the actual process of sorting through stamps, placing them in albums, categorising them, etc. is very therapeutic (we have personal experience of this!)

Has this page converted you? Has it reassured you? Probably not! However, this is the nuts and bolts of it all - stamp collecting is fun! Whatever your sex, race, religion, colour, age or even financial circumstances there is something in philately for you. Become a Philatelist today, you know it makes sense...