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Welcome to the Betfair web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.


"Betfair is by some way the world's largest betting exchange and, has over 100,000 members betting each month from all over the world.

A betting exchange is a bookie which uses technology to make sure the customer gets a better price. It does that by reducing its risk, which means it doesn't have to build in extra margin as a safety cushion. The effect is that punters bet on the price they want and not the price they're told they can have.

This means that you typically get up to 20% better odds than at a traditional bookie. This is because you are betting directly against other members so there are no bookies margins.

Betfair offers you unprecedented choice, value and control:

- You can bet that an outcome will happen (back) or that it won't happen (lay).

- You can choose the odds at which you want to play.

- You can bet whilst the game is in play.

- You can play on a range of products and innovative games."

If require more details on the products and services they provide, please click on the link below:

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