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Famous Gingers

Famous Gingers - Distinguished Gingers who have shown Ginger Power in the past or present. Who knows what the future holds for the Ginger army?

Here is the list of Ginger leaders, celebrities and sports personalities. If there is anyone missing please let us know as this page is designed to be updated:

Royalty and nobility:

King David - Yes, of Jeruselem. Quit your stereotypes, Jews are lucky enough to be Ginger as well!

Boadicea - An historical female ruler who gave the Romans a good bashing, for a while anyway!

King Arthur - Fact or Fiction? Welsh, English or even Roman? One thing is for sure the legend will never die!

William the Conqueror - He caught us brits with our pants down. However, boy could the frenchy build castles and organise a country - hats off!

Henry VIII - Our Henry was a truly powerful Ginger and of course the ladies loved him!

Queen Elizabeth I - The virgin Queen who ruled with an iron hand, even getting rid of relatives if the need arose!

Sarah Ferguson - The famous Ginger noble who packed her bags and sought her fortune in the USA!

Prince Harry - The NEW wild boy of the Royal Household!

Sir Arthur Bomber Harris - Like or loathe him, his "saturation" technique certainly got the job done!

Notable Historical Figures:

Emperor Nero - Brutal, cruel make up your own mind! If the Beast 666 equals fame for his notoriety, he must be high up the list!

Emperor Napoleon - He did pretty well really for someone so vertically challenged. Shame about Waterloo though!

Salome - What an absolute cracker, we are led to believe. Don't get too involved with this one or heads will roll!

Oliver Cromwell - One of Britain's most notable castle smashers. However, he did introduce the first paid army among other things, but Charkes wasn't his best mate!


Winston Churchill - Only Winston really knew what was going on in Nazi Germany, thank goodness the non-Gingers finally listened to him!

Neil Kinnock - The Welsh former Labour Leader who still dabbles a bit in politics!

Charles Kennedy - The Ginger Scot who likes a wee dram, well who doesn't?

Sports personalities:

Jack Nicklaus - The Old Man of USA golf, who set the standard for all to follow!

Gordon Strachan - The fiery scot former International who never backed out of a tackle!

Steve Davis - The most Interesting snooker player of his time, as he won it all!

Boris Becker - The crazy German tennis wizard, who's a bit of a demon with a football as well!

Wayne Rooney - The Manchester United striker who plays his football in the rough and ready old style of things!

Paul Scholes - The Manchester United midfielder who famously displayed his tackle during a tackle!


Anne Robinson - The presenter who tells it how it is, real Ginger power!

Gillian Anderson - The sexy one of the pairing on the X-Files!

Charlie Dimmock - The gardening pensioners pin-up girl, who knows oodles about water features!

Chris Evans - The Mad tv presenter who seems to be a dab hand at upsetting people and really doesn't give a damn!

Nicole Kidman - She may keep on changing its colour, but we all know she's a true Ginger. What did she see in Tom Cruise!

Patricia Hodge - Well educated, well spoken with quiet assuredness, she's been on our screens for decades!

Bonnie Langford - who'd have thought she starred in Just William all those years ago after seeing her on the ice!

Patsy Palmer - Everyone's favourite Eastender, a Londoner through and through. What did she see in Ricky?

Sir Clive Sinclair - Can you remember Sir Clive's C5, way ahead of it's time? As good as Citroen's C5? Ahem, let's move on!

Damian Lewis - The British actor, who starred in Band of Brothers and Dreamcatcher.

Dan Wright - Little Cook Small and all round Ginger comedian.

Lily Cole - Beautiful Lily loves showing of her striking locks on the Catwalk.

Debra Messing - One of the stars from the hit TV series Will and Grace.

Jennie McAlpine - The mouthy Coronation Street Star who plays Fiz.

Karen Elson - Model and the stunning wife of Jack White.

Vincent van Gogh - The troubled artist who trod the fine line between madness and genius.

Lindsay Lohan - Sad but true, she's a ginger who dyes her hair: WHY???

Pop Stars:

Shirley Manson - The sexy front woman of Garbage. What a sexy Ginger goddess with emerald green eyes, however she plays a mean guitar and writes most of the band's lyrics!

Noddy Holder - The raucous lead singer of Slade, who wants you to keep off his nuts!

W. Axl Rose - Guns N' Roses frontman who likes to fall out with people, usually non-Gingers!

Mick Hucknall - The Simply Red frontman, it's all in the group's name you know!

Todd Pipes - Lead singer of Deep Blue Something, remember Breakfast at Tiffany's

Nicola Roberts - One of the beautiful Girls Aloud singers, but definately the most natural!


Postman Pat - The post always get through regardless of the weather in Greendale!

Fireman Sam - The Welsh firefighter who never flaps and even has time to keep Jupiter his fire engine, sparkly clean!

The Little Mermaid - She's the cutest thing in the sea. What do you expect she's a ginger female of course!

Jessica Rabbit - Roger's estranged wife, we think she'd be much better off with Bugs!

Shaggy - Scooby's pal who's so laid back he is virtually horizontal. A real cool ginger!

Maggie - How does she put up with the Ferocious Beast?

Harry - Cool, I'd like a bucket full of dinosaurs!

Jane - Only a ginger could have a fire breathing dragon as their best friend!

Ginger Maybe?

Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice, is she a true ginger? Does she really know herself? Geri is never shy to change her look!

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