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Welcome to the Toshiba page at STAMP DEMON. We are very pleased to promote Toshiba, as we have a Tecra notebook ourselves and it has been fantastic. Please read their text below.


"Toshiba's early history has two strands: 1875 saw the establishment of Tanaka Seizo-sho (Tanaka Engineering Works), Japan's first manufacturer of telegraphic equipment. Its founder, Hisashige Tanaka (1799 - 1881), was well known from his youth for inventions that included mechanical dolls and a perpetual clock. Under the name Shibaura Seisaku-sho (Shibaura Engineering Works), his company became one of Japan's largest manufacturers of heavy electrical apparatus. In 1890, Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd. was established as Japan's first plant for electric incandescent lamps. Subsequent diversification saw the company evolve as a manufacturer of consumer products. In 1899, the company was renamed Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Co.).

In 1939, these two companies, leaders in their respective fields, merged to form an integrated electric equipment manufacturer, Tokyo Shibaura Denki (Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.). The company was soon well known as 'Toshiba', which became its official name in 1978.

Toshiba Computer Systems Division prides itself on being consistently the best-in-class when it comes to mobile computing. Since introducing the world's first laptop computer in 1985, Toshiba has continued to lead the development of technology in the mobile and wireless world.

Toshiba is focused on mobility and is developing technologies that can deliver the complete digital wireless office. This, coupled with greatly enhanced service capabilities through local and global alliances means Toshiba is bringing to the market products and solutions that truly enable WAN, LAN and picoNet mobility.

Today, Toshiba's technology sits at the heart of every notebook on the market, from transistors to DVD's. Toshiba's focus on design, engineering and manufacture of mobile technologies mean that it is best placed to transform the way people work and communicate in the mobile age."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Toshiba affiliate program was with TradeDoubler. Sadly, the program has now finished. Until it returns, for alternatives please visit our Electrical Shops page.