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uSwitch Telephone Provider Switch

Welcome to the uSwitch Telephone Provider Switch page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

uSwitch Telephone Provider Switch:

" are the UK's largest independent online price comparison calculator for gas, electricity, and home telephone. Users provide details of their current suppliers & shows them how much they could save and encourages them to switch suppliers online. Customer can save an average of £283 per year, by switching both energy and telephone providers.

On average 167,000 UK households switch their energy supplier every week, while with an average saving of £140GBP. While 250,000 UK households switch telephony supplier every month, making averages savings on of £143 per month.

We are the only site to have both Ofcom & Energywatch accreditation.

10 ways to save money on your phone bills

Are you getting all the discounts youíre entitled to? If you are a BT customer then you are entitled to Friends and Family which offers a 10% discount on nominated numbers. Check your bills and update these numbers frequently.

Are you on the right plan? If you are a low user then you may be better off on BTís standard plan rather than any of the new BT Together options.

Can you pay by direct debit? The cheapest way to pay is often direct debit. Eg BT, ntl, Telewest and Powergen.

Do you make a lot of local and national calls? There are numerous tariffs that give unlimited free calls for a fixed monthly cost. Eg talktalk 70 Unlimited and One.Tel Unlimited UK Calls. This will allow you greater freedom to spend as long as you like on the phone.

Do you make International Calls? You can make huge savings if you use a secondary supplier. Eg. A 3 minute weekend call to Autralia would cost 9p with GoTalk and £1.17 with BT Standard.

Have you considered alternatives to BT? For BT customers there is now a method of routing all of your calls automatically through a new supplier (CPS) so you only pay BT for your line rental eg. Talktalk, Telco or Smart Talk.

Can you use an alternative telephone supplier with cable? Yes, but your choice is more limited. E.g. Talk or OneTel.

Are there any catches? Always check the small print as the cheapest per minute rates do not always mean the largest savings. Connection fees, minimum call charges, price-caps and billing increments all need to be taken into account.

What about customer services? Oftel measures customer complaints for a number of the larger companies and publishes this information at

How can you compare one supplier against another? Use the UKís first Oftel-accredited home phone comparison service, It takes into account all of the hidden charges and you can find the deal thatís right for you. Best of all, itís FREE.

Top tips for cheaper phone bills:

- Ensure youíre receiving all the discounts youíre entitled to;

- Pay by direct debit if possible;

- Use a secondary supplier if you make international calls or calls to mobiles regularly;

- Compare suppliers by using the UKís first Oftel-accredited home telephone comparison service on uSwitch. Itís free and impartial."

If you would like more information or a quote, click on the link below:

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