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About Stamp Demon Network

The Stamp Demon Network -, website is contained within the hosting package we have with Vivostar. However, rather than purely be a free redirect to the main site it was decided in 2009/07 that it would have it's own set of pages linking to it's own Front Page while still utilising the Main Site Index and Categories of the Mother site. is also the property of Brian Clipsham, whose website skills were developed at Zyra Internet. Although the .net was purchased at the same time as the, we have waited to develop a sound base of international traffic before developing the .net further. The time has now come to move our internet presence to the next level, despite the search engine prejudice that we have been and still are receiving!

The focus at the website will be an international one. We have decided to venture into India in order to develop an increasing number of visitors from the region. However, there are plans for other countries as the .net side develops further. Tha affiliate marketing company who are supporting us in this venture are DGM Pro and we will initially be providing products for the Indian Market with the aid of DGM PRO India.

Don't worry though, as you can still access the Main Site Index from here. You don't have to live in the UK to find out about us or have goods despatched from the British Isles - always remember to check the shipping instructions before making a purchase!

One final note, if you have a website and are based outside of the UK, Europe or USA and Canada; send us an email at the Main Site via our Contact Us page and we will see if we can set up a link exchange with you. REMEMBER: STAMP DEMON doesn't give a monkey's about your Google Page Rank!