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UPDATE: Affiliate Protest - This affiliate refuses to promote any additional programs at DGM PRO, until outstanding payments are made. Until more regular payments are received from DGM PRO, we do not recommend that you promote programs through this network.

STAMP DEMON'S fifth Affiliate Marketing Company - DGM-UK.

DGM-UK are a high profile Affiliate Marketing Company. They have a lot of the UK's big hitters on their books and as a consequence of thius they are not as easy to join as some other companies. This is not a criticism, merely an observation.

Part of the problem lies in their popularity, as they receive a volume of requests to join as an affiliate and therefore, there is a short period of time, before you find out if you have been selected.

In our case we followed up our application with a phone call and were accepted after a brief telephone interview.


"dgm was founded in 1999 as the UK's first performance-based online marketing company. By 2003, we'd merged with a leading search marketing specialist, formed one of the UK's most innovative online marketing groups, and launched on the London Stock Exchange.

We now have over 80 staff worldwide and over 250 clients and we've got here on the back of delivering solid, ROI-focused online marketing solutions for our clients. From our original offer of performance-based, ´affiliate´ marketing, where clients paid on results, we now offer our current, comprehensive range of services.

Our clients range from advertisers like the AA, to British Gas, Tiscali, BT, LloydsTSB, Virgin, AOL, American Express, Vodafone and Powergen. They include partners like google, overture, espotting and mirago and a host of other major online brands. We also work with agencies the likes of i-level, carat, mediacom and many more.

We deliver solutions that drive real ROI and contribute to a client´s bottom line. We offer real benefit, and our clients seem to agree. You can see what some of them have to say about us if you click here.

Delivering ROI is right at the heart of online marketing. At dgm we've made it our business to keep doing exactly that, day in day out.

Contact us if you'd like to find out how we can help you.

dgm is part of Deal Group Media plc, listed on AIM, the London Stock Exchange."



IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to a study by this affiliate in 2010, it was discovered that the payment dates listed on the DGM PRO website are infact a work of fiction. Please do not rely on the revenue coming into your account as stated, as invariably DGM are late making payment without notification to affiliates! I wonder if J D Williams are aware that affiliates are being paid late, despite the good work they are doing for their company?