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There are many auctions throughout the world. Some are conducted in old buildings, purpose built premises, warehouses and the like. Others may be conducted in Stately Homes, Schools or at Village Fairs.

They can be in the form of online auctions on the internet or they may be general auctions housed in the types pf premises listed above.

The list is endless and so are the opportunities for a bargain! They provide excitement and can sometimes be an emotional rollercoaster, as you can often experience a wide variety of feelings. These can include anticipation, trepidation, joy, sadness and in some cases guilt when you've spent too much!!

Do you need some extra capital to spend at the auction? You've worked hard all your life, why not spend some of the children's inheritance tied up in your property at the auction. Visit AVIVA Equity Release to find out more!

However, we must stress that if you don't take them too seriously, they can be a lot of fun. We have therefore listed some of the different types of auction below:

uBidThere are plenty bargains to be found on the USA auction site uBid. They have be operating since 1997, so they must be doing something right!

Car Auctions

Household and General Auctions

Stamp Auctions

Automobilia Auctions

Breweriana Auctions

Kitchenalia Auctions

Militaria Auctions