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STAMP DEMON's Music Shop

Welcome to OUR Music Shop, unlike most music shops all prices are negotiable! Infact, we even have a Jukebox for sale.

We have decided to clear out a lot of the music we have accumulated over the years. There is a whole mass of it!

There actually IS a JUKEBOX for sale!!

The same rule applies as with our Book Shop. The minimum P&P we charge is 1.00.

However, we would be grateful if there are no orders less than 3.00.

When records/CDs are bought they will be removed when each NEW ISSUE is launched. Therefore, get in quick to bag a bargain.

Help to support this site add us to your favourites list and visit us regularly, with each new issue we will add more music!

STAMP DEMON's Music Shop - You never quite know what you will find.

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8 Track Cassettes