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Network Links

There are some people (we won't mention names!) who believe your website isn't truly international unless it's a .com - utter rubbish! Our original website has a varied international audience. We currently receive approximately fifty percent UK traffic and the rest is scattered around the globe - the site is a!

However, if you want a domain that's not country linked, why not buy a .NET domain. If you aren't aware .net stands for NETWORK, just like .com stands for COMMERCIAL. This is pretty cool really, as the INTERNET is a network of websites from around the globe. You can be based anywhere around the globe and still get your views online providing you are not victimised by search engines.

So, if you are looking for something different, bag yourself a Dot Net, you'll be in good company! Below is a list of .net websites. However, if you get yourself a .NET website you could also be in the list. We are happy to set up a link exchange with other .net websites. Visit our Contact page at the main domain and we will take a look at your site. If we like the look of your site and you're not doing anything naughty, we'll swap links.

Here's the list, links are added in the order that we receive them. There isn't too much favouritism and we don't take bribes!