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Mosaic Holidays

Welcome to the Mosaic Holidays page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

Mosaic Holidays:

"Mosaic Holidays is a specialist tour operator offering a wide range of deluxe holidays in a choice of countries including Egypt, Maldives, Oman, Turkey, Dubai, North Cyprus, Seychelles and Sri Lanka, with new ones being added regularly.

We have indepth knowledge of destinations and offer comprehensive programmes with additional value-added touches such as private transfers, excursions and flight upgrades.

Our diving division, 'Dive Mosaic', offers a variety of dive destinations catering for all budgets and levels of experience. We offer holidays to the much loved Red Sea and further a field to the Maldives and Oman for the more adventurous.

We constantly run promotions on our site. To encourage internet sales there is a significant discount of 5% on online purchases."

If require more details on the products and services they provide, please click on the link below:


Mosaic Holidays affiliate program was with Affiliate Future. The program has now finished. Until it returns, for alternatives please visit our Holiday Shop.