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.gm websites

.gm Websites - The following are a collection of websites using the .gm domain. gm - Gambia, however don't be put off from viewing these sites as many can be viewed in English. Is it possible to buy a .gm domain? We are not sure, but it would certainly be an interesting domain to have.

We had a fantastic holiday in Fajara in 2003, the people, weather and food were fantastic. We plan more trips when our children are older. Infact, our eldest was born the same year - as they say in the Gambia, 'No Problem!'

We hope you enjoy looking at the sites we have listed from the Gambia. Have you got a site with a .gm domain? Would you like to be included in this list? We are looking for more websites for this page and would like to exchange links with you. In some cases we will inlude your link in other areas of the site. Have a look around our site and if you like it visit the contact page, send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

Happy Browsing!

Pristine Consulting

African Photos

Gambian Postal Services Corporation

Banjul Breweries Ltd