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What's in a Name?

It is very important to choose the right name for your website, which is why I chose the name STAMP DEMON.

Often this can be spontaneous and the name might just pop into your head. This is true of this site as the name was selected by myself, when I had been disappointed that the names I would have liked had already been taken. Furthermore, I prefer this name anyway as it is quite ironic - how many similarities can you find between philately and demons?

A demon is commonly someone who is good at something. However, we are not really experts at anything here, but happen to have a bit of knowlerdge about a lot of different things!

Enough waffle, here's a little help about choosing your site's name:

1)If you can, try to avoid using numbers in the name eg. All For 1 and 1 For All. This might have been alright for The Three Musketeers, but it won't do for you! The reason for this is simple, if you tell people about your site, they might type it in as All For One and One For All and therefore not find your site at all!!

However, a more serious problem is cybersquatting. If you buy all the domains for All For 1 only, you leave yourself wide open to the cybersquatters. If your company becomes high-profile, the cybersquatters may buy all of the All For One domains and hold you to ransom.

In extreme cases, someone could set up an identical site to yours using the ALL For One domains and therefore poach your business. This could lead to very expensive legal battles!

In conclusion, using numbers in your domain name can be very expensive, as it may mean that you have to buy lots of domains to protect your business.

2)Avoid using words that are spelt differently around the world eg. ZK's Shopping Centre. This may not seem like much of a problem, as in the UK this is how you spell centre and your business is based in the UK, so where is the problem?

You may be in the UK and we do spell centre like this in the UK, but the World Wide Web is viewed around the world. If your business really takes off you will have international visitors and in the USA centre is spelt CENTER. Therefore, if you tell someone abroad about your site, they may not easily find it due to the mis-spelling of your domain.

Our good friend Zyra has some helpful advice on choosing a domain, which can be viewed at

My final point is a simple one, BUY AS MANY DOMAINS USING YOUR COMPANY NAME AS YOU CAN AFFORD!! Don't go mad and buy 26 domains all at once, go for the more commonly used ones such as COM, NET, CO.UK or ORG. If your business grows, you can always buy some more later.

We hope this helps, have fun making your choices! REMEMBER - Everyone should have their own website!