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Book List - Categories S


STAMP DEMON's Book List of Categories beginning with S - A selection of used books, covering a variety of topics.

HERE is the start of the Book List.

Please note most books have a date stamp in them, which was placed inside the books by the original owners to denote when the book was added to their stock:


Science News 5 - J Enogat: 1947 - Penguin 1st Edition (Softback)418

Report on the Atom - Gordon Dean: 1954 - Eyre and Spottiswoade (Hardback)418

Man's Body, an owner's manual - Diagram Group: 1977 Corgi (Softback)421

Science for Mechanical Technicians BK1 - M.G.Page: 1967 - Cassell (Hardback)421

Yearbook of Scientific and Learned Societies - 1933-34: Charles Griffin and Co.Ltd (Hardback)423

Microwave Spectroscopy - C.H.Townes and A.L.Schawlow: 1955 - McGraw-Hill (Hardback)423


Socialism - Bread and Guns - Nigel Harris: 1983 - Penguin (Softback)423


Another Bloody Tour - Francis Edmonds (England Cricket Tour,1986): 1987 Fontana (Softback)418

Squash Rackets - L.Hamer and R.Bellamy: 1968 - English Universities Press (Softback)421