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Book List - Categories H


STAMP DEMON's Book List of Categories beginning with H - A selection of used books, covering a variety of topics.

HERE is the start of the Book List.

Please note most books have a date stamp in them, which was placed inside the books by the original owners to denote when the book was added to their stock:


Inequalities in Health - The Black Report and The Health Divide: 1988 Penguin (Softback)421

Getting Better, A Handbook for Convalescents - Sheila Pim: c20th faber aand Faber (Softback)421


Churchill Digest - Foreword by Lord Attlee: 1965 Hazells Offset Ltd. (Softback)418

Epochs of English History - England during the American and European Wars - O.W.Tancock: 1896 - Longmans, Green and Co. (Hardback)421

The Expansion of the Anglo Saxon Nations - H.Clive Barnard: 1920 - Black (Hardback)421

China Fights Back - Agnes Smedley: 1938 - Victor Gollancz (Hardback)421

South Africa - A.Keppel-Jones: 1961 Hutchinson and Co. (Hardback)423

Leaders of The Russian Revolution - B.G.Hardingham: 1949 - Thomas Mason and Sons (Hardback)423


Outdoor Holidays for Indoor People - H and G Kurth: 1983 - Batsford Ltd (Hardback)418


Labour Saving Hints and Ideas For The Home: 1926 - Routledge and Sons (Hardback)421

The Lighting Handbook - John Collen: 1986 - Pelham Books (Hardback)421


Puzzle of Ponies - Mary Gervaise: 1974 - Armada (Softback)418