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Book List - Categories F


STAMP DEMON's Book List of Categories beginning with F - A selection of used books, covering a variety of topics.

HERE is the start of the Book List.

Please note most books have a date stamp in them, which was placed inside the books by the original owners to denote when the book was added to their stock:


Jack London Volume Two - A Calder-Marshall: 1974 - Pan (Softback)418

The Holiday Book - H.Douglas Thomson: 1934 - Odhams Press Ltd (Hardback)418

The Secret of the Wild - W.R.Calvert: Early? 20thC Hutchinson aand Co (Hardback)418

Mary Lavelle - Kate O'Brien: 1947 - Heinemann (Hardback)421

Auntie Robbo - A.Scott-Moncrieff: 1962 Puffin (Softback)421

The Group - Mary McCarthy: 1966 Penguin (Softback)421

WindyRidge - W.Riley: c1918 Herbert Jenkins Ltd. (Hardback)421

Breakheart Pass - Alistair MacLean: 1974 Collins Book Club Associates (Hardback)423