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Book List Categories - B


STAMP DEMON's Book List of Categories Beginning with B - A selection of used books, covering a variety of topics.

HERE is the start of the Book List.

Please note most books have a date stamp in them, which was placed inside the books by the original owners to denote when the book was added to their stock:

Babies and Children:

Child Care and Growth of Love - John Bowley : 1976 - Pelican (Softback)418


Biological Principles - J.H.Woodger: 1948 Routledge and Kegan Paul (Hardback)423

Problems in Biology 1 - G A Kerkut: 1963 Pergamon Press (Hardback)423


Flashing Wings - J K Terres : 1969 - Souvenir Press Ltd (Hardback)418


Botany For Beginners - H.L.K.Whitehouse : 1952 Thrift N0.20 Richard Clay and Co. (Softback)423


Modern Business Training - J.K.Grebby and W.K.Scrivner: 1927 MacDonald and Evans (Hardback)423