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Book List - Categories A


STAMP DEMON's Book List Categories Beginning with A - A selection of used books, covering a variety of topics.

HERE is the start of the Book List.

Please note most books have a date stamp in them, which was placed inside the books by the original owners to denote when the book was added to their stock:


The Leaves of Southwell - N.B.L.Pevsner: 1945 King Penguin (Hardback)421


Jacob Spornberg/18th Century Artist from Finland - S McKechnie: 1971 - Tabbard Press (Hardback)418

Autobiographies and Biographies:

The Golden Sovereign - Richard Church: 1957 - Heinemann (Hardback)418

Memory Hold The Door - John Buchan: 1944 - Hodder and Stoughton (Hardback)418

The Urchin, an Armenian's Escape - Kerop Bedoukian: 1978 - John Murray (Hardback)418

How I made Lew Grade a Millionaire - Clifford Davis: 1981 - Mirror Books (Softback)418

The Animals Came in One by One - B.Lloyd-Jones: 1967 World Books (Hardback)423