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WWF Adopt An Animal

Welcome to the World Wildlife Fund - Adopt An Animal page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below and support their campaign.

"From £3 a month you can adopt an endangered wild animal.

WWF offer seven animal adoptions – tiger, dolphin, panda, orang-utan, rhino, elephant and polar bear. By adopting an animal you can help to safeguard the future of their species, and help WWF to seek long-term sustainable solutions for the benefit of people and nature.

Choose from:

Koyah – The Orang-utan

Malu Pothi – The Bengal tiger

Zhu Xiong - The Giant panda

The Svalbard polar bear family

The Ileach dolphin pod – Bottle nose dolphins

Kiruba – The Asian elephant

Kinyanjui – The Black rhino

In return you will receive an irresistibly fluffy toy of your chosen animal, WWF bag, certificate, photos and a greetings card. We'll also send you three updates through the year, letting you know how your donations are helping.

Adopt a wild animal for yourself or for a friend – they make fantastic and unusual presents."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


WWF Adopt An Animal affiliate program was with OMG UK. The program has now finished. Until it returns, for alternatives please visit our Charities and Good Causes page.