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Underline Link Pages

Stamp Demon's Underline Page - An explanation of the problems you may encounter when using underline link pages at this site and the methods you need to use to overcome them.

On STAMP DEMON's site there are some link pages, for example _argos.htm , and on such pages there are links to special destinations such as other companies.These underline pages are used most commonly when we advertise merchants registered with Commission Junction. Most people can see them on most browsers, but some can't. So, here's some helpful info in case you are in the unlucky minority who can't see these links...

Firstly, it's a known fault. There is a form of censorship which prevents some people from being allowed to see the links. This censorship is being done by something in your own computer. It's typically something like Norton ad-stopper or ad-blocker, cookie-muncher, or some other form of firewall protection type of program.

Another reason could be that it's a link page to a defunct affiliate program. You can check _argos.htm (which we are sure is not defunct!) and see if that works just to make sure.

These programs are things you have installed for your own good, and they perform a useful task of eliminating annoying pop-ups and distracting banners. However, no such pop-ups and distracting banners exist at this site. Instead, you are given the chance to CHOOSE what you want to see. Unfortunately, ad-blockers are over-zealous in their censorship of such things, and will quite inadvertently deny you the chance to link to the one and only destination on a page which you have selected.

So, here's what to do if you get the "no banner / no clickable link" problem on one of my link pages...

1. Check to see if you are in an establishment that has censorship. If so, LEAVE, and try on a computer on which you have some liberty. If it's your own computer, or you have other good reason to believe you should have the freedom to see these things, continue...

2. If you have Norton Firewall or other ad-blocking options, turn them off. Do not turn off anti-virus options or other important safety features! However, DO turn off ad-blocking!

3. Have another go at the page in question.

4. If you still see no links or banners, clear your cache (temporary files) and have another go.

This should solve most of the problems you may encounter when using underline pages at this site.

UPDATE 2007/06/18: We have decided to phase out the underline pages and use dynamic creative. Below are the retired Underline Pages: