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Toffs Ltd:

"Formed way back in 1990…Alan Finch recreated Arsenal’s classic 1949/50 gold cup final shirt. The process then was to purchase a small piece of cotton drill from the local department store, Fenwick, and then buy a Dylon dye.

Then proceeded to dye the white drill cotton gold, take the fabric to a local dressmaker with a pattern from an original Arsenal shirt and get Joyce the dressmaker to make it up!

Good at art, Alan then drew a badge on a piece of cardboard and walked nervously into the Arsenal Commercial Offices to pitch the idea. They loved it! Why wouldn’t they?!

So that was the start of The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company aka TOFFS! We have our imitators, flattering really, but for true quality, authenticity and a shirt which really does make grown men cry when they pull it on, there is no one around but TOFFS.

Our portfolio of clients includes many of the great and good in football and film – Spike Lee prefers to pop into Soccerscene when in London for his TOFFS’ purchases – Jamie Carragher and Stan Collymore phone up the TOFFS’ hotline!

You’ll have seen TOFFS’ shirts on Eastenders, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Big Brother, Fan Banter and coming soon as to be featured on Gavin and Stacey! You can view the Brazil shirt on Pele in Madame Tussauds. Many discerning Football Clubs and their Museums stock TOFFS as does The National Football Museum in Preston – a great day out if you haven’t been.

Dale Robinson, our Marketing Executive deals with Promotions, we’ve been involved with Scottish and Newcastle, McDonalds, TDK, Budweiser, Granada, Carling, Carlsberg, Scottish Courage, Tennents, Mastercard, Comet, Honeywell, HMV, Littlewoods and many, many other household names such as The Guardian and TalkSPORT.

We deal with superb fabric suppliers who knit, dye and stripe to our exacting specifications – we don’t take short-cuts and use a “one badge fits all eras” approach, if each badge is different, it will be different on our shirts. No-one in the World makes as many different shirts as we do – and very often, you will receive a shirt made individually for you if it is not a stock item.

Finally, don’t take our word for it, just scroll through our Testimonial’s page – our customers say it all. If you have something to say please email Michele Alan’s wife and co-founder. Michele loves the rapport she has built up over the years with our customers – many of whom we now call friends!"

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