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We are delighted to have Swinton featured at our site STAMP DEMON. Below is some of their company information:

"Until Swinton came along, finding insurance wasn't easy. By the economic boom of the late 50's, when cars became affordable, demand grew for an insurance provider that was more accessible to the general public. It was in 1957 that Swinton started to recognise the needs of the public by opening the first Swinton branch in Salford, beginning a new way of buying insurance.

In May 2001 Swinton was bought by La Mutuelle Du Mans Assurance (MMA), a French Insurer. We trade independently in the UK along with our sister company MMA UK, from this a stronger Swinton emerged. Our business plan is constantly being reviewed and updated as we continue to develop our investment programme. We have already changed not just the look of Swinton, but also the customer's experience of Swinton. We introduced a new corporate identity, corporate wear for all our advisors and a new customer friendly environment in all branches, with retail systems, to take us well into the new millennium.

In May 2002 Swinton acquired Colonnade Insurance Brokers and became Swinton Colonnade. This merger makes Swinton Colonnade the biggest insurance broker on the high street, with branches covering 90% of the UK."

You can call Swinton for free on 0800 4584 413, for a Car insurance quote.

Below are a list of the Swinton insurance products featured at this site:

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Swinton Motorcycle Insurance

Swinton Van Insurance

Swinton Caravan Insurance

Swinton Motorcaravan Insurance

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Swinton Home Insurance

Swinton Business Insurance

Swinton Car Insurance Free Phone Telephone Number

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