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The Stamp Demon Websites

Let's get one thing clear from the start. The REAL Stamp Demon websites are, and - anything else just isn't us! Google would have you believe something different, but you're better off looking at Yahoo! anyway!

The Stamp Demon domains were purchased in 2005. was launched as the main site and the other two sites were merely used as redirects from pages within, utilising the free redirection service available at 123-Reg. The CO.UK can be found on all the accurate search engines on a search for Stamp Demon.

Here's how the other two sites work:

The NET is held at the page, just type in and you'll see what we mean. Times they are a changing though, keep an eye on it will soon be a website all of its own for our international visitors.

The COM is held at the page, just type in and you'll see what we mean. At the current time this will remain the same, as we are not planning on developing the .com for the time being. However, we are constantly developing our online presence, so you never know what might happen with!

To summarise the STAMP DEMON websites are: - WHich is our main site! - the first of our sites for international visitors! - we'll keep this one under our hats for now!

Enjoy the sites and if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to Contact Us. All three websites use the Main Site Index, so you can access any of the Stamp Demon pages via this root.