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Skating and skateboards at STAMP DEMON. How to get the right hardware for grinding and the coolest gear for kicking back at the half-pipe!

You're meeting up with your crew at a skatepark in one week. Your deck is worn out and your lid is cracked from the last time you tried a 360 on the half-pipe. Your trainers/sneakers are so tired they look like they belong to the local tramp/bum! You need to get moving, so your hardware and clothing can get messed up. You don't want to look like a wannabe skater! Check out the links below:

Route One

Extreme Sports World


Prick Tees - T-shirts with attitude


Cherry Zebra

Board Sport Warehouse (Gone?)
The Web's Most Comprehensive Social Networking Community for Skateboarding Enthusiasts

TYSON - The skateboarding Bulldog!!

Expired Programs:

Vapourised (affilfu)

Attitude Clothing (affilfu)

Session 1 (affilfu)

Hip Hop Wardrobe (affilfu)

Hardcloud (affilfu)

BIG Wednesday Surf (affilfu)

G-MAX - Gaming for skaters!(Gone?)

Zunamee (affilfu)