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Stanley Gibbons

Let us make one thing perfectly clear, we like Stanley Gibbons. Their catalogues are fantastic, the magazine they produce is informative and among other things they make the best stamp hinges. Stanley Gibbons hold auctions and have even developed a Stamp Investment Fund. They even send me postal flyers and emailed newsletters, neither of which I asked for, but I don't mind.

Infact, I've been collecting stamps for over 25 years and still use my original Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World album. However, there is a problem. We like Stanley Gibbons, but someone at Stanley Gibbons was very rude to us.

Those of you who know this site, will be aware of Affiliate Marketing. We are affilates of a vast number of Household Names and promote internet shopping.

Infact, you can buy many different products at the STAMP DEMON Shopping Centre. So when we saw that Stanley Gibbons had an affiliate program we thought great! Could it be like the Stamphead Auctions program? Well it looked okay, but then we read the contract.

Here is the clause we are not happy with:

"Stanley Gibbons may revise this Agreement at any time and without notice at its sole discretion. Any change will be deemed to take effect four hours after posting to the Site. The Affiliate's continued participation in the programme will constitute acceptance of any revision to this Agreement. If any revision to this Agreement is unacceptable to the Affiliate then they may terminate this Agreement by giving not less than two weeks notice in writing." (Clause 9 2006/02)

We cannot sign up to something that can be changed at any time without notice. No other program we have signed has had this type of clause, as notice is always given. It pays to read the small print - if this contract is signed our comission percentage could be halved without notice or the goal posts could be moved in another way.

Therefore, we contacted Stanley Gibbons and were directed to the Affiliate Manager. We did speak to him once or twice, but were not happy when none of the messages we left were returned. We therefore contacted Head Office.

After speaking to the Operations Director, we were assured that things would be looked into and that we would be contacted. Nothing happened. There were a series of further calls to Head Office and once more we spoke to the Operations Director and his secretary, who was always polite.

Sadly, we were once more directed to the Affiliate Manager. When we asked about clause 9 again, he was very abrupt and generally unfriendly. After we were treated in this way, we have decided to cease contacting Stanley Gibbons by telephone for the time being.

It is therefore with regret that we have written this page. This site has so much to offer and we would love to promote Stanley Gibbons. Stanley Gibbons are most welcome to contact us to discuss any possible future business arrangements.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit our own Stamp Shop or the Stamp Directory for alternatives. We hope to promote Stanley Gibbons in the future.