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OK Smokey


Welcome to the OK Smokey web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

" has been formed by smokers and ex-smokers to pass on the benefits of electronic cigarettes to smokers and those who want to kick the habit.

We have literally scoured the earth to find products that are the best quality, safe and reliable. After thoroughly testing a range of e-cigarettes we are confident that our products tick all the right boxes.'s prices are very competitive as we want to make smoking or quitting affordable to everyone.

A massive variety of flavours are available and we are in negotiations to buy huge stocks of each.

Electronic Cigarettes have been on sale in the Far-East and parts of Europe since 2003 so the technology is tried and tested.

Let us help you with your electronic cigarette needs for a healthier future and to save you a fortune compared to real cigarettes that kill millions of people every year.

During these difficult financial time we guarantee to help you beat the chancellor by cutting the cost of smoking to a fraction of what you pay for normal cigarettes.

Ok Smokey are fast becoming the leading and longest standing online retailer of Electronic Cigarettes.

Ok Smokey are one of the first Electronic Cigarette suppliers in the UK, supplying products world wide including our exclusive Electronic Shisha Pods.

Ok Smokey hold the largest range of E-Liquids available online including Fruit Flavours and Traditional Tabacco tastes, offering a stunning range of the highest quality E-Cigs on the Market."

If require more details on the products and services they provide, please click on the link below:


OK Smokey affiliate program is with Paid On Results