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ING Direct

Welcome to the ING Direct page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

ING Direct:

"One great savings rate with no catches.

ING Direct has become one of the UK’s fastest growing banks, with over 1 million customers opening our simple, catch-free savings account since our UK launch in May 2003.

We believe in keeping savings simple and competitive with one consistently great rate for everyone – here are few reasons why over 1 million customers have opened an ING Direct Savings Account since 2003:

- One great rate of 4.75% AER for everyone – with no catches or penalties

- No misleading ‘bonuses’ or introductory rates

- Free to move your money when you like

- Open an account online in minutes

- Easy to manage your savings online

- Winner of 5 major financial awards since our UK launch in 2003

There are no penalties, no tiered rates of interest, no notice periods, no introductory bonuses – you can open an account in minutes and start with just £1.

Our no fuss approach and simple savings account have made us the world’s leading direct savings bank."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


ING Direct affiliate program was with Trade Doubler. The program has now finished. We hope to promote them again soon. In the meantime, please look at other Savings Accounts at this site.