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hpi Check

Welcome to the hpi Check page at STAMP DEMON. The program has now finished 2008/04/22. The information below was correct at the time of its closure. For more recent information, please visit

HPI Check:

"Youíve found the car you want to buy and youíre happy that itís mechanically sound. Now thereís just one more thing you should do to ensure youíre making the right decision Ė get HPI to check out the used carís history.

Originally established in 1938, HPI is the UKís primary independent provider of vehicle information for the UK motor industry and motoring consumer.

Using information sourced from the DVLA, the Police National Computer, finance and insurance houses, and motor industry bodies, HPI can tell you whether your next used vehicle is registered as stolen, has outstanding finance on it, has been written off by an insurance company, or has been clocked.

HPI can instantly tell you if your next used car is still on finance/has been registered as stolen/has been written-off.

Get peace of mind for less than the price of a tank of fuel. Backed by the HPI Guarantee.

Does your next used car have a hidden history? Check with HPI today."

If you would like more information or a quote, click on the link below:

THE LINK WAS HERE TO VISIT THE HPI WEBSITE affiliate program was with OMG UK. The program has now finished. Until it returns, for alternatives please visit our Car Checks page.