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Haven Review

Haven Review - This is our review of Haven. It tells you all about the types of holiday they do. We have been holidaying with Haven for the last three years and so far have been to four of their parks. We will give you a few tips about getting the most out of your holiday with Haven.

"We always choose to go for the Caravan option at Haven. We looked at the Chalet option, but decided that the Caravans were more for us. The reason for this is that the Caravans are detached and we have two young children, therefore we do not have to worry about noises from next door. However, we have never encountered any problems in three years!

We always go for either a silver or a gold caravan. The main differences are that:

In a gold caravan you get heating in all rooms, a dvd or video player, the beds are made up and you get an earlier check in. The caravan is also supposed to be better furnished, but we are happy with the standard in both. We also feel that the situation of the gold caravans is better, either closer to amenities or with a better aspect.

The service is always great. We tripped the switches once in a caravan and one of the maintenance guys was there within half an hour. We always find the girls on reception, to be both helpful and cheerful and at check-in time they are often very busy!

The kitchens in the caravan are very good, but basic. Both silver and gold caravans have microwaves and there is an ice box in the fridge. There is everything you need for basic living.

On site there are various amenities and a well stocked shop, with food as well as gifts. However, we have found that there are often supermarkets very close to the parks. So our first tip would be to stock up at the supermarket when you get there, as you don't need to take much food with you. The shops do have excellent bakery sections, but get there early for your Danish!

Another good resource, are the restaurants and takeaways on the park. They are very reasonably priced for main meals. All of the parks we have used have Fish and Chip shops and two have had really excellent Chinese takeaways!

Here are a few more tips, forget your check-in time. You can use the park's facilities when you arrive. Pack the swimming things at the top and have a dip before you check in. Take matches, toilet roll and tea towels. Some caravans only have cups and saucers, so if you're a mug person like us - pack your big mugs!

The four parks we have used are Caister, Wild Duck and Hopton - these are all around Great Yarmouth. There is a fantastic selection of places to visit in Norfolk. We have been going to Norfolk since before the children were born. If we have to make a choice, our favourite Norfolk park is Caister. It has great access to the beach, is a little quieter than the others and there is the most fantastic Chinese takeaway! We are going back there this year.

The other park we have used is Seton Sands in East Lothian, Scotland. We enjoyed it so much last year, that we are going there again this summer. There are lots of lovely towns around the area and Edinburgh is only a 1 bus ride away! There is a Lidl supermarket five minutes down the road and before that is a very good Chinese takeaway, to give the cook a break!

Set off early and make the most of your holiday and when it's time to go pack the car the night before, so that you can arrive at check-out nice and early. We do this, so that we can have a full day somewhere else to make the break last that bit longer. It is important to note that, you can remain at the park after check-out and continue to use the facilities until the end of the day.

Give Haven a try, they provide great value for money family holidays in the UK. If you buy online and book at the right time you can pick up a holiday with a massive discount. (In our experience, the holidays have been cheaper online, than the deals that were offered over the phone.)

We hope you enjoyed this review and we might bump into you one day!


Please go to our Haven page, find out a bit about the company and take a look for yourself. There's a link that will take you there at the bottom of the page: