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GAMUCCI Electronic Cigarettes

Like smoking, only better

Welcome to the GAMUCCI Electronic Cigarettes web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

"It’s time for a change, a switch, and a movement has already begun. Welcome to Gamucci Electronic Cigarettes.

Gamucci is a category leader and the UK’s premier brand of Electronic Smoking Alternatives, more commonly referred to as electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes.

The Gamucci Group is a pioneer in the development of electronic cigarettes, and introduced the first major brand to the European market in 2007. Our products are now sold in 25 countries worldwide.

The Science behind the Vapour

All our products are non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronic technology to provide users an alternative smoking experience without the flame, ash and tar found in real cigarettes. Our products do not produce smoke but rather a water vapor.

They look like, feel like and taste like the real thing, yet they aren't. They are simply an alternative that help smokers tackle their cravings in a way they are accustomed to.

Gamucci has recently been awarded the sole UK patent for its unique cartomizer technology, which includes the integrated electronic cigarette and refill.

Gamucci is also the only electronic cigarette company in the UK to own its own factory, thereby ensuring end-to-end control of the supply chain and product integrity. Other companies in the category outsource product manufacturing to third parties.

Founded by smokers, we strive to make a difference and bring you the world's best alternative smoking products featuring our patented VaporCore™ and VaporCoil™ Technologies.

Our pursuit of providing premium quality electronic cigarettes at an accessible and affordable price has led to Gamucci being stocked in many household name stores nationwide, alongside being named Best Electronic Cigarette brand 2014 by the UK Consumer Choice Awards."

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