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Gala Bingo Review

Gala Bingo review - This a customer review of gala bingo. It is tells you all about the site and the benefits of playing bingo online. Have a read and if you think it's for you, use the link below, to find out more from our Gala Bingo page. (There is a link on that page to take you to Gala Bingo.)

"I am on maternity leave and decided to try online bingo. I had never been in a bingo hall, but was attracted by the size of the jackpots. It was all an experiment and I thought it would be light relief from nappies and baby milk.

I joined and after depositing my money was given a 10 free bet. Away I went and I tried to get in a few of the rooms, but I couldn't get in. Eventually, I was able to get in Seaside and the tickets were only 5p! However, with such cheap tickets came competition over 300 hundred players. I didn't win.

I played a few games, didn't win but had great fun. The next day I tried again, but once more could not get into the other rooms. What was wrong? My browser. I swapped over from Mozilla to Internet Explorer and it was an instant success! I could get into all of the rooms, including the one I really wanted to get into the Sharon Osbourne room. Once more I didn't win. I did enjoy myself though.

By playing at the right times over the last few weeks, I've had some really cheap games. There are often Buy One Get One Free games and if you swap between rooms you can always get cheap games. I haven't won yet, but I've still got some of my original stake left.

If you're looking for some fun online, as long as you don't go mad and spend the nappy money, I recommend Gala Bingo. It is seriously addictive, you can play, chat or chat and play! The choice is yours, have a bit of fun - you deserve it.


Would you like to have a go for yourself? Why not have a look at our page. If you want to go and see the Gala Bingo website, there's a link that will take you there: