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Explore Holidays:

Explore Holidays"Established in 1981, Explore is the world’s leading small group adventure holiday company. Its six specialist brochures – Worldwide, On Foot, Family Adventures, Cycle, Adventure Breaks and Beyond – offer more than 410 trips to 130 countries around the world. Explore’s Responsible Tourism policy is the cornerstone of the company’s approach to tour operating.

Explore have pioneered original small group adventure holidays for over 25 years – tours are designed to get you closer to different people, cultures and landscapes.

For all walks of life. Travel on foot and discover remote cultures and the world’s greatest landscapes.

Expand your horizons with Explore

410 pioneering adventure holidays to 130 countries worldwide

Explore, the world’s leading adventure travel specialist, celebrates its 25th anniversary year by expanding its pioneering range of small group tours for 2006/7.

Explore offers an unrivalled choice of exciting, diverse itineraries across seven continents in six action-packed brochures – Worldwide, Beyond, Cycle, On Foot, Family Adventures and Adventure Breaks.

Explore’s Worldwide brochure is bigger and better than ever before, with more than 300 tours to 130 countries, and is rightly regarded as a must-have for adventure travellers. This hugely diverse programme includes new multi-active trips, new rail journeys, new expeditions and a new range of epic overland journeys. The programme features 34 new tours to exciting destinations as varied as Eritrea, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela.Explore Holidays

Explore’s pioneering Beyond programme offers exhilarating travel experiences for those seeking new horizons in the true spirit of adventure. Expanding every year, the programme now contains 12 tours to exciting, far-flung destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, including new trips to Burkina Faso, Greenland and Honduras. The Beyond programme was created for travellers who are keen to discover extraordinary regions of the world rarely visited by outsiders. These are truly unique tours for hardy adventurers.

Explore’s Cycle programme has doubled in size since its launch three years ago and now features 34 tours in 28 countries worldwide. The 2006-7 Cycle brochure contains nine new tours, including trips to Canada, Cyprus, Iceland and a unique cycle safari in South Africa. The focus remains on predominantly easy-going cycling along scenic routes, from three to 16 days in length, with trips on four continents.

Explore’s On Foot brochure features 80 itineraries, including eight new tours. Walking is the most popular type of activity holiday and, as you would expect from the world’s leading adventure travel specialist, Explore is way out in front. There are itineraries for all levels of fitness – from an easy-going centre-based ramble in Bulgaria to a moderate trek along the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain. For the more adventurous, how about combining climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a safari in Tanzania, before taking a well-deserved rest on the beaches of Zanzibar, or combining the Inca Trail with a trip to the Amazon jungle?

Explore’s Family Adventures programme uncovers a diverse range of original, educational and fun family holidays. Families are getting far more adventurous, travelling to more exotic countries in search of interesting experiences for their children. The new programme reflects this with 40 small group trips to 32 countries, including 11 new tours to destinations such as The Galapagos Islands, Jordan and Madagascar. With Explore, family holidays will never be the same again.

Explore’s Adventure Breaks programme contains a spectacular range of original short – but action-packed – breaks, from Armenia to Belarus and from Canada to Libya. With customers keen to take multiple holidays every year, this short breaks programme hits the spot with a total of 24 small group trips to 23 countries around the world. Activities range from snorkelling with killer whales in Norway to watching polar bears in Canada or camel trekking in Tunisia.

Travel with your tribe. 40 active adventures to discover and share this amazing planet."

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Explore Holidays affiliate program was with OMG UK. The program has now finished. Until it returns, for alternatives please visit our Holiday Shop page.