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Welcome to the Cybercig web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

"At Cybercig weíre about much more than just an electronic cigarette. We strive to offer our customers not only a product thatís an alternative to a traditional cigarette but a whole range of options that will fit their personal needs and style.

In partnership with our manufacturing team we have tirelessly worked on ensuring as many tastes are catered for, Cybercig products offer a variety of flavours, strengths and designs. Available for customers that have never used an electronic cigarette before with the Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit to E-Cigarettes produced specifically with women in mind, to the ease of the Disposable E-Cigarettes.

Gone are the days where an E-Cigarette was an awkward looking object that drew attention for all the wrong reasons, now from Cybercig you can buy an electronic cigarette thatís fashionable, functional and so similar to smoking a real cigarette youíll wonder why you havenít tried one sooner.

Inhaling an E-Cigarette is exactly the same as a traditional tobacco product. As you inhale from the filter end you will receive a measured amount of nicotine, a vapour will be released and exhaled as normal. Thereís no ash, no smoke and no dangers to those around you, making it completely legal to use inside any building!

These products contain absolutely NO tobacco and NO tar. You will also never again smell of smoke!

Cybercig invests in new products all of the time and our most recent on the market is our Premium E-Liquid range. Using only the best ingredients our product development team have created an unbeatable vaping experience, brought to you in hits of cool flavours ranging from menthol to the fruity experience of tutti-frutti and wild strawberry.

Stocking the latest tanks and batteries from leading manufacturers such as Kanger, Brillipower and Aspire to name just a few, we have a huge selection of E-Cig Mods available for beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

Cybercig is a fast growing online seller of electronic cigarettes, eliquids, atomisers, cartomisers, batteries, tanks, vaping mods and accessories.

Moving away from the traditional 'cig-a-likes', we are focusing on providing our users with extremely high quality and highly customisable vaping machines. The vaping market is rapidly growing and we've built up a reputation of quality with our spectrum of users being those looking to quit, to those wanting the very best on the market.

Our products range in price too, from e liquids to our Cybertronic."

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