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Citibank Direct Current Account

citibank Direct Current Account

If you're looking for a current account which offers a very competitive interest Rate, have a look at the Citibank Direct Current Account. Read the text below and visit their site.

Citibank Direct Current Account:

"Like all bright ideas, itís surprisingly simple!

Citibank Direct Current AccountSimple isnít a word youíd usually associate with a bank account. But thatís exactly what makes the Citibank Direct Current Account different.

Itís easy to manage and offers a competitive interest rate of (2005/10) 4.07% AER (4.00% gross), with no catches and no strings attached. All of which makes it easy to earn money too. Simple.

Easy to manage

Dealing with your bank shouldnít be difficult, but it often is. Whenever possible, weíll take the hassle out of managing your money, whether thatís by transferring your standing orders for you or just by offering an efficient, personal service.

Simply the best

At 4.07% AER (4.00% gross), not only do we offer one of the best current account interest rates in the market, but our rate is better than many savings accounts too.

Just an everyday thing

You earn the same great rate on any balance you have in your account, whether itís £1 or £100,000. As interest is calculated daily, you can be sure that youíre earning something every day.

Your terms and conditions, not ours

You manage the account on your terms, not ours. Weíre not looking for any commitment from you upfront - thereís no minimum deposit required and you donít need to give us your salary every month.

Your choice

You can use our Citibank Online service to access your account. Or, if youíd prefer, you can speak to one of our personal bankers, who are available 24 hours a day and have got the authority to get things done for you.

Youíll also receive a VISA debit card, enabling you to make purchases and to withdraw money from over 44,000 LINK cash machines in the UK and over 840,000 VISA and LINK ATMs worldwide."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


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