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C'est Noir

Welcome to the C'est Noir web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

C'est Noir:

"Hello, and a big welcome to our site!

For many years I was frustrated by the lack of quality, design, and fit of clothing available to women in the mainstream stores.

I was chatting about this with some girlfriends one evening after work, and told them of an idea that I'd had for quite sometime.

They thought it was great, so with their encouragement, a huge amount of research (and with a little help from my friends!) I decided to put the C'est Noir collection together.

Now that is not quite as simple as it sounds, but I had been involved in fashion for quite a while, and was also most fortunate that my husband's family had been manufacturing quality clothing in the UK for over 100 years.

This meant that I had many of the production facilities available to me and thought that we should try something different and innovative.

Black is the most flattering, chic & elegant colour to wear. It is glamorised in the fashion capitals of the world, worn by the doyennes of the fashion industry, and is the inspiration for the C'est Noir collection.

It is the staple of any wardrobe, and on our site you will find all the items to form the basis of that wardrobe.

We offer you beautifully cut, timeless investment pieces at sensible prices, the majority of which, I am pleased to say are made here in the UK.

We use only the finest of fabrics from all over Europe, and as the fashion world is a rapidly changing one, we are regularly updating our collection and introducing new designs and styles that we feel will interest you.

A major feature of our site is the limited and exciting capsule collections brought to you in the 'must have' section of our site, on the 1st of every month.

These small collections are designed to go with all of our black pieces, and each month we offer you something new.

One month it may be a special print, or a plaid, or perhaps a colour, but always something exciting to look forward to. Remember, they are only available for the month they are on offer, so be sure not to miss them!

Please enjoy our site, and have fun in the Dressing Room 'interactive area' by putting together all the pieces you choose, in your own style.

Finally, your feedback is so important to us for the continued development of our collection, as well as this website, so do please keep in touch. - C’est Noir is a fashion website for women, offering flattering, chic and sophisticated clothing … in black.

Black is the number one colour in the fashion world and at C’est Noir we offer all those black wardrobe essentials with an ever expanding range.

With a fun ‘changing room’ feature, and new products being introduced regularly, C’est Noir is the website to keep an eye on.

Happy shopping!"

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