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Bohn Swimwear

Welcome to the Bohn Swimwear web page at STAMP DEMON. Please read their text below.

Bohn Swimwear:

"Hello from Bohn Swimwear.

Bohn Swimwear has been created to fill a void in the women's swimwear market.

Many women came to UK Swim Store looking for swimwear that would cover more than the average swimsuit. So we set out to create a mix and match range of swimwear separates that a woman of any size or shape could wear in the pool and which would allow the wearer to create their own level of coverage.

We are a niche range of swimwear that appeals to women all over the world who want more modesty and coverage from their swimwear. Whereas high street swimwear can be so revealing it puts women off getting in the pool, our range allows them to pick the coverage level they want.

In chlorine resistant swimwear material with a UPF of 50+ our range is ideal for regular swimming in the pool or out on the beach. In UK sizes 8 to 24, it appeals to all types of women who wan to get in the water to exercise, or have fun.

Our tops and bottoms are sold separately so that ladies can pick the size and style they require top to bottom."

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Bohn Swimwear Modest Swimwear affiliate program is with Paid On Results