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Blood, Cypher & Ryme

Blood, Cypher and Ryme

Nestled in the East Midlands is the City of Nottingham. You'll have heard about it on the news. Firearms, drugs and any other bad publicity the national news can throw at it. It never used to be that way. Nottingham was and is famous for its lace. Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest were once Champions of Europe and it's famous for its shopping, the two shopping centres being the Broadmarsh and Victoria.

The Nottingham Panthers are a pretty succesful ice hockey team and if you're a fella there's more women than blokes. See it's not all bad! Joking aside, the City of Nottingham has been pretty much beaten up, chewed and spat out of late.

However, there's an underground movement within the city walls and it's live, kicking and full of positivity. Infact, there's a real buzz surrounding the Nottingham Hip Hop Scene. Three of the brightest stars of this movement are Blood, Cypher & Ryme.

Blood, Cypher and Ryme

Here's what they have to say about themselves:

"Blood, Cypher and Ryme a hip hop collective bringing distrinctive skils in to one force. Combining the vocal and production talents of founding member First Blood, lyrcist Louis Cypher and MC & beatbox Opticus Ryme.

Blood Cypher Ryme are a 3 man crew of like minded strong willed rappers that deliver killer tracks each and every time.

Blood Cypher Ryme are one of Nottingham Hip Hops brightest hopes with both industry contacts and musical know how, Blood Cypher Ryme have the perfect recipe for musical satisfaction.

BLOOD - Founding member First Blood has his first commercial release out on Brown Punk in the new year.

CYPHER - Louis Cypher, The Creative Spark as the dark heart laughs...

RYME - Opticus Ryme, Part Rapper, Part Writer, All Robot. Opticus Ryme is the next level of artistic verbal empowerment.

The BloodCypherRyme collective grew out of a love for creativity, with First Blood producing both Cyphers and Octimus Rymes albums, due for release in the new year, and both of them guesting on First Blood's first two self-produced albums - Riddle Me This and Beats for the People.

Orignating from Nottingham City, UK.

2007 - the year of the Blood!"

Visit the Blood, Cypher & Ryme website below for sample tracks and videos: